Peter Vogel – Vor und zurück (musique concrète), 1970

Peter Vogel – Stimmen mit Metall (musique concrète), 1970

Peter Vogel – Shakespears Lachen (musique concrète), 1970

1953 first experiments with a self-made tape recorder (sound collages)
1965 cooperation with the composer Argyris Kounadis (collages) 1966 electronic music and Musique Concrète with loops and delays, music for the stagepays of Wallgrabentheater Freiburg and Theater Reutlingen
1969 music composition
Raumspiel (after an idea of Thomas Lauck) 

Peter Vogel – Musikalisch – kypernetisches Environment, 1975

1975 Musikalisch-kybernetisches Environment (Musical-Cybernetic-Environment), performance with the Dance Ensemble “KASP” at Music Biennial Zagreb. 
1980 start of the “minimal-music” experiments with tape delay and piano 
first sound wall performance with the suisse dancer Christine Brodbeck in a concert of the Art-Ensemble Basel 

Peter Vogel – Rhythme flottant, 1980 (70′)

1982 first “minimal music” sculptures, start of the Polyrhythmical Improvisations (studio recordings)
1983 Ensemble Modern plays the composition Minimal Music Piece for 8 Players at the first Zeltmusikfestival in Freiburg. Tape collage for the Theater- Labor in Munich 

Peter Vogel – Xylophonstück, 1982

Peter Vogel – Verrückte Flöte, 1983

Peter Vogel – Trommeln, 1984

1984-1988 live-concert with synthesizer, piano and zither, tape-delay and electronics: Kunsthaus Zürich, Koprod Zürich, Minimal Music- Festival, Zürich Transelektronik, Gallery Corinne Hummel Basel (with Christine Brodbeck, dance), Freiburg: Jazzhaus, Gallery Baumgarten, Kaufhaussaal

Peter Vogel – Donaueschingen Konzert, 1986

1986 first Minimal Music-Klangwand (further: 1987, 1988, 1989, 1991, 1996) 

Peter Vogel – Basler Minimal Music Klangwand, 1989

1989 first interactive sound installation with mechanical-acoustic instruments: Kellerorchester at Galerie Giannozzo Berlin, Schattenorchester I at the Akademie der Künste Berlin 

Peter Vogel – Kellerorchester, 1989

Peter Vogel – Schattenorchester II, 1993

1992 Live-concert Pendelmusik at Kunsthalle Basel
1997-1999 Techno-Party mit Rhythmic Sounds I (Techno-Sound-Wall 1996) at E-Werk Freiburg, Kaserne Basel, Disco Ultraschall München 

Peter Vogel – Rhythmic Sounds I, 1996

1999 Percussives Ensemble , with mechanical-acoustic instruments
2005 concert with Guillaume Chastel (percussions) und Felix Borel (violine), Peter Vogel (live electronics) in the concert series “Musik im Faulerbad” Freiburg
2007 concert with Guillaume Chastel (percussions) und Felix Borel (violin), Peter Vogel (live electronics) at E-Werk Freiburg 

Felix Borel, Guillaume Chastel & Peter Vogel – Live Konzert (E-Werk), 2007

2007-2012 Rei Nakamura (piano) and Peter Vogel (Ableton Live) at Tastentage Leipheim, Elisabeth-Schneider-Foundation Freiburg, Espace Gantner Bourogne (F), E-Werk Freiburg, „ars nova“ – Days for contemporary music, Rottenburg, and Opernfestspiele Heidenheim 

Rei Nakamura & Peter Vogel – Pizzicati, 2013

2014 performance Mike Schweizer (Saxophone) with the installation Schwerelos at E-Werk Freiburg 


“It was music, that initiated me to electronics and provided me with a medium and tool, which enabled me to design reactive objects with a time structure. My preoccupation with a feedback tape recorder found its equivalent in objects with the serial structure principle: An impulse is being delayed in time and can have several sound reactions like a multiple echo. Also in the composition Raumspiel the succession of sound events plays an important role. For a complete work group minimal music has been the starting point: The sound stelae Minimal-Music-Pieces since 1980, the Minimal-Music-Sound-Wall of 1987, and all following sound walls such as the Nagoya-Klangwand of 1991 and the Techno-Sound-Wall I and II of 1996 and 1999, as well as the Shadow-Orchestra III of 1999. I have applied the principle of phase shifting and poly-rhythmic in many of my objects.” (Peter Vogel – Ein Werkbuch, modo 2007)


First experiments with the representation of time


From music to electronics to reactive sound objects

Computer graphics

Graphic drawing experiments with “analogue computer” during employment in industry in Basel 1971