“I often applied colors in the way of action painting; this was my first approach to depict movement. I deployed the burning technique developed by the painter Burri, because already the moment of igniting coloured surfaces caused a feeling of change in time for me. The dimension of time was important to me. 

My endeavors to express both in two-dimensional painting ended with arranging moving forms cell by cell on the painting support – analogous to scores. In my imagination at that time, these paintings could be “read” either as music notations, as dance notations or as a changing abstract landscape.”
(Peter Vogel – Ein Werkbuch, modo 2007) 

Pictures: 1 Without title, 1964; 2 Without title, 1964;
3 Without title, 1964; 4 Bal des Forains, 1967;
5 Without title, 1964; 6 Brennbild mit Silberfolie, 1967; 7 Explosion, 1969 


“The painting Explosion , 1996, was one of the last that I created in the mode of action painting. The surface consists of plastic foil with burned holes, and cardboard, flecked with black and white lacquer paint. I had the intention to fix electric lights behind the holes, which would change the surface structure, when activated by the observer. I abandoned this plan, because the painting seemed already enough complicated to me. My last painted picture with responsiveness is Gummischlauch , in which the observer triggers a whirling movement while at the same time a light flashes behind the broken surface.” (Peter Vogel – Ein Werkbuch, modo 2007) 


First experiments with the representation of time


From music to electronics to reactive sound objects

Computer graphics

Graphic drawing experiments with “analogue computer” during employment in industry in Basel 1971