Video-Feedback, Music montage from Polyrhythmische Variationen, 1991/2015 


Image feedback creates self-generating dynamic structures. These images show flows and whirls, repetitive and iterative structures. Image feedback comes up, when the camera is pointing at the screen of this monitor; images are created within images, which become unstable when zoomed in and build bizarre shapes. It is most remarkable that in nature with plants, animals and human beings (ferns, snails, ammonites, spines and so on) iteration is a general forming principle und that the artificially (!) generated video-feedback reveals the same principles.
(Peter Vogel – Ein Werkbuch, modo 2007) 


First experiments with the representation of time


From music to electronics to reactive sound objects

Computer graphics

Graphic drawing experiments with “analogue computer” during employment in industry in Basel 1971